The following materials are from a presentation made by District Communication Officer Dave Danner, K-001, at a 2010 Quarterly Membership Meeting. They were subsequently distributed to the membership by email and are being repeated here because they are of continuing value.

We suggest that all members check their "Go Bags" on a regular basis.

Just what should we have in our Go Bags? How Big should they be?

The following provides details of a typical practical personal Go-Bag. Included in the bag should be items to sustain you for at least one work shift on a DCS assignment. It should be easy to grab and run with.

Here is a suggested list of items you might include in your lunch pail size kit:
  1. 16 oz bottle drinking water
  2. Prescription Drugs, Band-Aids
  3. Spare eyeglasses and sunglasses
  4. Your HT radio with spare battery
  5. AC HT battery charger
  6. Flashlight, spare batteries, (LED type)
  7. Energy Bars (snacks with long shelf life)
  8. Sun Screen and hat
  9. Hand wipes and/or hand sanitizer
  10. Notepad, pencil & pen

In addition to your DCS badge and the proper clothing, bring this kit with you to all DCS activations.

Go-Bag in cloth insulated lunch bag with external water bottle pocket. Don't add unnecessary items.
Refresh food, water, and batteries as needed.
Ready to go - - Line cord to charger left plugged in to keep battery charged.