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DCS-22 has moved the old Yahoo Groups Calendar to a new Google Calendar. A link to the Google Calendar is available near the top of the Members Page.

DCS-22 supports a Quick Deployment Team (QDT) for our station.

The basic requirements for this group are:
  • Ability to deploy directly from your home.
  • Ok from your employer or spouse to miss work, if necessary.
  • Willingness to be awakened in the middle of the night.
  • Prepared to deploy during the night or day.
  • Have a small generator and lighting with spare gas.
  • Maintain a very complete Go Bag.
  • Ability to learn LASD HT radio operation.
  • Ability to respond within 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Night reflective vest is required.
You will work with uniformed personnel and our Mountain Search & Rescue (MSAR) team. Our DCS uniform with sturdy shoes/boots are essential.

Example of service are: traffic control, supplying power or lighting for Searches, assisting investigations or Coroner, and other tasks as requested by the Department.

Registered DCS-22 Members interested in being part of the QDT should contact Howard Glober, K-02.

Members of DCS-22 are encouraged to maintain their membership information current by completing the DCS-22 Contact / Capabilities Survey whenever their data changes. Use this form to sign-up for the DCS-22 Email Announcements List, the DCS-22-Alert SMS text alerting system, and email distribution of the DCS-22 Newsletter. The Survey is available on-line by clicking here or as a menu selection from the Members Page. It can also be supplied in paper format by sending a request to K-01@DCS-22.orgs.cc .

Email the District Operations Officer, K-03 or contact him on the Weekly Net if you are interested in participating on the Team.

DCS-22 is assembling an album containing pictures from as many of the past events we have participated in as possible. Please send any photos you wish to share to Steve Brtis, K-05. Photos can be either electronic or prints.

NOTE: The Web Page photo album is also interested in your pictures. If you have pictures you wish to submit, you may send them to Jim Fortney, PO Box 3419, Camarillo, CA 93011-3419. They will be forwarded to Steve after we have made an electronic copy. We would also be happy to copy and return any prints where you do not wish to release your original. - K6IYK, K-19

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